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You can onstay in the UAE on the basis that you have a valid resident permit which is based on the sponsorship of the company that has been setup by yourselves. There are two basic ways to reside in UAE as a foreigner. The first of which is a 3 year investor visa which can be acquired by starting your own UAE company, or investing into an existing one within a free trade zone.

The cost for this is $7000 to set up the company and another $1500 per person (price for dependents are lower).

Another option is to purchase property totaling atleast AED 1,000,000 (approx £165,000 / $270,000). The investor must also prove that their income is at least AED 10,000 per month under this option and the investor is not permitted to work in the UAE. One does NOT qualify for permanent residency or citizenship. However, one does not get the right to live in the UAE.

Benefits of UAE Temporary Residency Program

  • Residency in a Gulf State
  • Efficient application process of less than 3 Months
  • Low Tax Jurisdiction with no tax on foreign profits
  • Relatively Low Cost
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