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Citizenship by Investment Program

Saint Lucia's Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in December 2015 following the passage of Act No. 14 of 2015, the Citizenship by Investment Act on 24th August 2015. Under the program, foreign nationals that contribute economically to the country may become Saint Lucian citizens. Economic contribution may be in the form of a donation to the National Development Fund or an investment in an approved real estate project or an investment in government bonds or an investment in an enterprise project.

An amendment of Regulation, coming into force last January 1st (2017), has reduced qualifying investment amounts on the National Development Fund option, has removed the sworn affidavit requirement declaring financial resources of at least US$ 3m, has added an administrative fee for the Government bonds investment option, and provides the option to sign the Oath of allegiance before an attorney-at-law, a Consular Officer of Saint Lucia, an Honorary Consul of Saint Lucia, a Notary Royal or a Notary Public.


Investment in Government Bonds

Purchase of non-interest bearing Government Bonds, registered and remain in the name of the applicant for a five-year holding period from the date of first issue.
US$ 500,000 – Single applicant
US$ 535,000 – Main applicant with spouse
US$ 550,000 – Main applicant, spouse and up to 2 other dependents.
US$ 25,000 – For each additional dependent.


- Main applicant must be 18 years old or older.
- Main applicant must prove that has enough funds to make the required investment, and prove the legal source of these funds.
- Primary applicant and dependents do not suffer contagious disease and/or serious health problems.
- Clean Criminal Record.
- Not to be subject of a criminal investigation.
- Not to be considered a potential national security risk.
- Not to be involved in any activity likely to cause disrepute to Saint Lucia.
- Not to have been denied a visa to a country with which Saint Lucia has visa-free access.

Запрещенный национальности/ неподходящие

Ни одна одна национальность официально не запрещена

двойное гражданство

Двойное гражданство признано в {{страна}}. Вы не обязаны отказываться от своего предыдущего гражданства, чтобы стать гражданином {{страна}}.

необходимые документы

  • Доказательство платы не возмещаемой обработки и платы за Должную Достоверность
  • Заверенная копия Паспорта
  • Шесть фотографий паспортного размера
  • Оригинал или Заверенная копия Свидетельства о Рождении
  • Заверенная копия доказательства смены имени (если применимо)
  • Заверенная копия Воинской Обязанности ( Военного Билета) либо освобождения от Военной службы (если применимо)
  • Фотография и Сертификат Подписи ( Электронный Документ)
  • Доказательство Фактического Адреса Проживания
  • Заверенная копия карты Удостоверения Личности
  • Оригинал или Заверенная копия Свидетельства о браке
  • Биография \ Резюме
  • Оригинал Профессионального Рекомендательного Письма (не старше 6 месяцев)
  • Оригинал Банковского справочного письма
  • Поручительство Поддержки для зависимых членов семьи
  • Professional and academic certificates (if applicable) *
  • Справка из Полиции (Справка о непривлечении к уголовной ответственности)
  • Заверенная Копия текущих и истекших виз
  • Медицинский сертификат
  • Официальные стенограммы письменного подтверждения от признанного образовательного центра (иждивенцы старше 18 лет)
  • Заверенная копия опеки либо Социального обеспечения
  • Официальное Заявление не сопровождающего родителя (если применимо)
  • Подтверждение Инвестиций / Договор об Условном Депонировании
  • Заверенная Копия Удостоверения Личности с фотографией несопровождающего родителя с его/её подписью (если применимо)
  • двойное гражданство Да
  • члены семьи включены Да
  • cобственность на землю Да
  • требуется фактическое местожительство Нет
  • требуется личное посещение Нет
  • требуется знание языка Нет
  • требуется интервью Нет
  • Инвестиции для одного человека $500,000
  • Инвестиции для семьи из 4-ех $550,000
  • минимальный годовой доход -
  • времени до гражданства 4
  • времени до постоянного вида на жительство
  • безвизовые страны 146
  • финансирование доступно Нет

сведения о стране

Castries *
North America *
Saint Lucia is a small island state in America member of the CARICOM and the Commonwealth. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, north of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and south of the island of Martinique. The island has a population of 185,000 inhabitants. Its official languages are English, although 90% of its population speak a French-based Creole. Its official legal tender currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), which has a fixed exchange rate with the dollar at 2.7: 1.

Безвизовая поездка

С вашим новым паспортом {{страны}} вы сможете получить доступ {{без визы}} в страны без визы


Becoming a Saint Lucian citizen, does not automatically make you a tax resident. To be a tax resident an individual must:

  • Have its permanent place of residence within the country and spend a period of time during the tax year in Saint Lucia, unless absence purposes are considered reasonable by the Comptroller of Inland Revenue, or

  • Be in Saint Lucia 183 days or more in the tax year, or

  • Be in Saint Lucia for a continuous period of less than 183 days, but is resident the preceding or succeeding tax year.

Personal Income Tax is levied on a residence and remittance basis:

  • Individuals residents or ordinarily residents in Saint Lucia are subject to personal income tax on a worldwide basis.

  • Individuals residents but no ordinarily residents are subject to personal income tax on their Saint Lucian source income and foreign-source income remitted to the country.

  • Individuals non-residents are taxed on their income from Saint Lucian sources and income from foreign-sources remitted to the country.

Personal Income tax rates are progressive up to a top marginal tax rate of 30% on annual income exceeding XCD 30,000. Capital Gains, Dividends and Saint Lucian bank interests are tax-exempt.

Saint Lucia does not have Controlled Foreign Companies Rules. This means that income retained in a foreign entity owned by a tax-resident may not be subject to taxation.

Saint Lucia levies a residential property tax of 0.25% of the open market value of the property. There is a stamp tax on the transfer of assets, ranging from 2% to 10%, depending on the type of asset and residency status of the seller. There are no net wealth and inheritance taxes in Saint Lucia.

The Value-added tax rate is 15%. Reduced rate of 10% applies to the hotel sector. Certain goods and services are tax-exempt.

Regarding corporate taxation, domestic companies in Saint Lucia are subject to tax on their profits, whether accrued within or outside the country. Corporate Income tax rate is 30%. Dividends and capital gains are not usually subject to taxation. However, capital gains will be subject to taxation if comprise a substantial portion of the income-earning activities of the business.

Companies incorporated under the International Business Companies Act, may benefit from a fully tax exemption, easy accounting and confidentiality. Learn more about company taxation and legal framework at incorporations.io/saint-lucia/.

This should not be construed as tax advice. Flag Theory | Passports.IO has access to a global network of qualified attorneys and accountants who can give you the proper advice for your particular circumstances.  Contact us for further information.

  • налог на недвижимость Да
  • налог на трансфер Да
  • налог на наследство Нет
  • налог на чистые активы Нет
  • закон о CFС( Контролируемая иностранная компания) Нет
  • дней до налога на местожительство 183
  • ставка налога на личные доходы 30%
  • ставка налога на прирост капитала 0%
  • ставка налога на доход от инвестиций 0%
  • территориальное налогообложение Да

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