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Immigrant Investor Program

Under the Immigration Act of The Bahamas, a foreign investor may be eligible for a permanent residence permit on the basis of a residential property purchase of at least B$500,000 (US$500,000). The spouse and children of the investor may be included in the application at no additional cost.

The permanent residence permit grants the investor and their dependents the right to live and work in the Bahamas indefinitely.

Applicants must show a proof of assets and sufficient means to support themselves and their families without the need to work in Bahamas.

After 10 years of permanent residency, 7 if married with a Bahamian citizen, you will be eligible to become a citizen, provided that the permanent resident has resided in The Bahamas for a minimum of 6 years.


Investors must have a high net worth and sufficient means to support themselves and his or her direct dependents without the necessity of working in the country.

Restricted Nationalities

No nationality is officially restricted

dual citizenship

Dual citizenship is not recognized in Bahamas. To become a citizen of Bahamas, you must renounce your previous nationality.

Documents Required

  • Certified copy of passport
  • Original Police Clearance Certificate
  • Two Personal References
  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of net wealth
  • Medical Certificate
  • dual citizenship No
  • Family members included Yes
  • land ownership Yes
  • Physical residence required No
  • Personal visit required No
  • Language skills required No
  • Interview required No
  • Investment Single $750,000
  • Investment Family 4 $750,000
  • Minimum annual income -
  • Time to citizenship 120
  • Time to permanent residency
  • Visa-free countries 157
  • Financing available No

Country details

North America
The Commonwealth of the Bahamas consists of more than seven hundred islands (of which 24 are inhabited and more than 700 uninhabited), cays and islets in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, located to the north of Cuba and Dominican Republic, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, to the southeast of the state of Florida and east of the Florida Keys. Geographically the Bahamas form, along with the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Lucayan Archipelago, also denominated by extension as the Bahamas.

It has a population of almost 400,000 inhabitants. Its capital and most populated city is Nassau, located on the island of New Providence. Its official language is English, although Bahamian Creole is widely spoken. Its official currency is the Bahamian Dollar, pegged to the US Dollar at an exchange rate of 1:1.

Visa Free Travel

With your new passport from Bahamas you'll be able to access 157 countries visa free


The Bahamas is a true tax haven. There are no direct taxes such as personal income tax, corporate income tax or net worth tax.

The Bahamas levy a real property tax up to 2% for land and building owners, although several exemptions may apply.

There is also a stamp duty on the transfer of certain assets and financial instruments.

In addition, in the Bahamas it is possible to incorporate an International Business Company, where besides being tax exempt, benefits from privacy, confidentiality and low accounting requirements.

To learn more about the Bahamas corporation legal framework and taxation, visit incorporations.io/bahamas

This should not be construed as tax advice. We have access to a global network of qualified attorneys and accountants who can give you the proper advice for your particular circumstances. Contact us for further information.

  • Property tax Yes
  • Transfer tax Yes
  • Inheritance tax No
  • Net worth tax No
  • CFC law No
  • Tax residency days -
  • Personal income tax rate 0%
  • Capital Gains tax rate 0%
  • Investment income tax rate 0%
  • Territorial taxation Yes

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